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How to install and activate the lightweight and free Hello theme

Installing and Activating the Hello Theme

The Hello theme is an open source and lightweight theme. It uses the WordPress Customizer to set up colours for backgrounds, text, link styles and more. The HTML5 Boilerplate is used as a starting point when creating posts or pages in this theme. Hello is a simple, lightweight and free WordPress theme. It features a clean layout to showcase your work in style. You can also use it as an online resume to apply for jobs or display your recent projects. What makes this flexible design even more special is that it’s 100% responsive!

To begin installing the Hello Theme:

1) Go to Appearance > Themes

2) Click on ‘Add New’ at the top and search for Hello

3) Activate the theme by clicking on ‘Activate’

About to install and activate the Hello theme? Check out this guide. It explains steps to follow and explains how to use this lightweight and free WordPress theme!

How to create header and footer with HelloTheme

To make sure the header and footer option in Hello is enabled, go to Elementor > Settings > Experiments (it is the fourth option in the list).

Once enabled, you can now start editing your header and footer. You can do this by going to Elementor > Footer section (the second option in the list). After selecting page or post, select HelloTheme > Header/Footer within the Integration type menu.

>After selecting page or post, select HelloTheme > Header/Footer within the Integration type menu.

A popup will appear where you can start editing your footer and header area. First of all, make sure that the checkbox is selected in the box below the section title, to activate it for this specific purpose. To insert widgets in this area, click on the “Add Element” button and select the widget you wish to add to your footer.

Example of Hello Theme Footer with text widget, copyright text and social media

You can also choose to position the header and footer at a specific location by clicking on Appearance > Customize . You’ll see various options for the header and footer that allow you to select where it will appear.

Example of Hello Theme Header with text widget, copyright text and social media


 How to create website pages in WordPress using the Hello theme

There are different types of pages that can be created depending on what kind of content the website owner wish to share. For example, if someone is setting up a personal website they might want to create pages about themselves, for example details of their education and work experience. This might be done by creating a Page called ‘About me’ .

When you create a website, it is usually best to start with some home page content that briefly introduces your business or organisation. You can also create any number of pages and blog posts you like and manage them all from the Dashboard .

To create a new Page:

Go to Pages > Add New to begin creating a new page. Give the Page a title and some content, for example, just copy and paste from another document or website into the edit box.

When you have finished writing your page click the Publish button to save it. It is then displayed on your site as a web page. To format text size, colour, typefaces etc use the formatting toolbar.

To rename or delete a page go to Pages > All Pages (or Edit).

From the dashboard, you can manage all of your website content including pages, posts, custom menus and more. To find out how different types of content are organized in WordPress check out our articles on Posts and Pages.

How to add the menu to the homepage

In order to make your menu appear on your site, you need to first activate it. To do this:

Go to Dashboard >

You will now be able to see a new panel called Navigation Menu (located under Appearance). Click configure navigation menu.

The panel will now show you a list of all the pages on your site and give you the opportunity to turn them on or off as well as see what menu items should appear next to each other. The first item in your navigation menu is always Home, so don’t worry about this one! You can then manually place other items into your menu by clicking ‘add link’ or you can use the draggable menu-builder at the top.

Click save changes to update your navigation menu.

To add menu on the header website using Elementor:

To add a simple navigation menu from Elementor:

  1. In the Elementor Theme Builder you need to create a template, and in the pop-up window select type Header and call it “Header” etc

2. In the Elementor builder, select “header-secondary” and drag it above the header to add a new element.

3. In the “Add Element” modal, select “menu” from the menu bar on top to add a navigation menu into your selected area.

4. You can now add items into your navigation menu through drag & drop or double click on them.

5. Click “insert” to save your navigation menu and close the modal window.

6. When you open a new website page, your header layout will now show your navigation menu rather than contents from the header-primary element.

7. To change back to a normal header with all its content, simply delete the navigation menu from the header-secondary element and click “save”.

7. In Theme Options > Header and Footer, select the layout you would like to use for your Primary Menu. By default, it will be set to “header-primary” but this option allows you to choose whether you want to use your navigation menu as primary on some pages, or not.

8. When you are ready, click on “save & publish” to update the Hello theme settings and publish your website online.


Conclusion :

This article teaches you how to download and activate the Hello theme for your website.

This is a lightweight and free WordPress theme that can be installed quickly by beginners. It is very good if you aren’t sure what kind of site theme you want, since it has three different homepages to help inspire you. Since this blog post is about activating the theme, read more below to get started.

Why HelloTheme Perfect for Elementor Tutorial

The Hello Theme is a modular, lightweight and responsive WordPress theme that lets you customize everything. It comes bundled with the Elementor Page Builder Plugin for free, making it a great choice if you’re looking to build a website quickly and easily or learn how to use the Elementor page builder plugin.

With the Hello Theme and Elementor Page Builder plugin, you can create professional looking pages in minutes.

It’s perfect for beginners who need to learn how to make a website, and also great for advanced users who want to speed up development time by using drag and drop with the drag and drop page builder!

Try it out now!


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