How To Use Blog2Social? Tricks You Should Know About

How To Use Blog2Social. Tricks You Should Know About

A few days ago I posted an article about automatic posting to social media. After we got to know Blog2Social better, I became convinced that this WordPress plugin can be very useful for promoting on all social networks. And not just for promotion on Facebook …

Blog2Social is a multifunctional WordPress plugin. You are probably already using marketing tools like IFTTT or HootSuite, but Blog2Social automates the process of interacting with social networks additionally. You can set up everything so that your WordPress blog will automatically promote your posts on a consistent basis.

How to improve of promotion with Blog2Social?

You’ve probably found a lot of plugins that are created for automating social media posting. Some of them do their job perfectly and others fail even the most basic tasks. In addition, they can significantly harm your WordPress blog.

Blog2Social is a very decent and responsive tool. I think it is one of the best and most interesting WordPress plugins. It has one very promising function that you may not know about yet … It is that the same blog posts will not be distributed to all social networks, but it can be set up so that each post looks better and fits each platform …

I notice that with every update of this plugin, its creators are trying to improve it more and more. They make every effort so that you can spend as much time as possible creating interesting content and not distributing it.

Social media gives us all certain features and functions to promote our posts. And, of course, communities react in completely different ways to the types and formats of our publications. For example, while hashtags are great for Instagram and Twitter, they are less effective for LinkedIn or Facebook.

Also, everyone knows that Facebook users don’t like to read long posts or comments. And Google + users are much more likely to interact with long messages and texts.

If you’ve set up Blog2Social so that the same post is published on all social networks, you may be missing out on reaching as many audiences as possible. As well as interactions and activities from your visitors and subscribers.

If you haven’t customized and formatted your posts before sharing them on social media, then it will be difficult for you to get higher rankings and high visibility.

Why Blog2Social is what you need?

Blog2Social was created after the CEO of their company had a need to distribute some messages for advertising purposes.

Tumble talked about having over 5 corporate blogs and a large number of social networks. In addition, there are many thematic pages and so on …

And of course, the very process of updating a lot of content, even for a team of people, becomes a tedious and time-consuming job. Since they were about to tailor posts to specific social media features and policies, existing software that automates content distribution simply could not meet their needs.

Tumble and his company decided to take the risk and create such a WordPress plugin on their own. Their company has been creating and providing online marketing tools and services for over 16 years. Also, this company created the CM-Gateway service, the functions of which are the cross-posting of messages, news, infographics, links and documents in different social networks.

The sole purpose of this tool is to help all bloggers spread their social media posts and manage their blog very quickly and easily.

Most useful Blog2Social features for WordPress

  1. Automatically configures your posts to publish with the maximum available word count on each social network individually.
  2. It is possible to correct and edit the texts of publications.
  3. Before submitting your content, you can check all texts and comments on one page
  4. You will be provided with guidelines for planning your publication. For example, you will see what is the best time to publish your content on a particular social network. All these recommendations are based on real statistics and other research.
  5. You will be able to schedule your post multiple times

Blog2Social, like other plugins for automatic publishing, allows you to set up the scheduling of publications on social networks immediately after a new article appears on your WordPress blog. Compared to other plugins, Blog2Social has many more features and functions.

How to set up proper scheduling of publications

These days, which are almost completely filled with social networks, and without an interesting news feed, no modern person can survive even a couple of hours. And an ordinary blogger has a hard time. Therefore, in order to ensure that his content and, accordingly, his working hours are not wasted, he has to independently engage in online marketing. He must spend several hours, or even more per day, publishing and distributing your content on various social networks. Often, due to a lack of time, his posts are only visible to users that came from organic impressions on Google.

Or the blogger starts to invest more energy in the marketing strategy and spends less time on his blog. And his articles are getting shorter and duller.

When you start using Blog2Social, you will immediately appreciate the significant savings in time and effort. I also want to point out one very important thing – it is publishing content in the right format at the right time. To do this, I always use the Blog2Social guidelines.

Submitting content to publish at the right time is essential to engaging your audience. Because in every social network there is a certain time when the highest activity and engagement occurs. And when you publish the next post, you should think and find out exactly when such a time comes. But Blog2Social will help you analyze your audience and figure out what time the majority of your subscribers are online. Thanks to these unique features, you will be able to show your content to the largest number of users.

For example, our posts attract the most followers on Twitter in the morning and after work. But on Facebook, it’s quite the opposite – the best time to post is lunch. For Instagram, it’s evening! Personally, we are delighted with these cool features!

You can follow the best time scheduling guidelines and edit the time yourself as needed. This is the most convenient way for us. I am sure that when you try all these great features, you will not be able to refuse it.

How to get several times more views of your post


For our team, one of the most exciting benefits of Blog2Social is the ability to schedule our post multiple times.

For example, let’s say you decide to post a new Facebook message on Wednesday at 7:00 pm. At this time, only a fraction of your subscribers will be online. And the other part will be more active only at 08:00 am on Thursday. But if you send your same post the next day, then you can catch most of those who did not see your post the first time.

This is a great way to show your same post to more of your fans. And promote your old content and get more activity on your page.

But keep in mind that when you use this method to reach your audience, you don’t need to overdo it. Because there are certain rules on social media. They relate to how often the same posts can be published. You can also find information on how to do it correctly and when. Be sure to read these rules so that you don’t make many mistakes. For example, on Twitter, you need to publish the same message no more than 4 times a day.

And on Facebook, you need to be more careful, because posting old content several times can annoy your followers.

Cool Tips for Social Media Promotion

Let’s pretend you’re a food blogger. Every day on your WordPress blog, you share interesting recipes. And of course, a social media promotion strategy helps to reach a large part of the audience. You have posted some delicious baked recipes on your blog. After that, you schedule a post to Blog2Social calendar or choose to publish your post instantly. Blog2Social will automatically customize your post with pictures and recipe for each network separately. It will change the format of your message to the most optimal one and resize the images in your recipe to fit the needs of each network.

I also want to remind you that at any time you can go to the preview page to check publications on selected social networks, pages, groups in which you decide to share your recipes. It’s very simple, you will see filled-in text boxes that will contain the best parts from your article. There will be a certain number of characters available for each network.

This pre-filled text, of course, you can easily edit and add your comments. Hintfind a community of cooking lovers and ask them to try your super recipe baked goods and leave a comment on your blog. Also, our team recommends adding as many hashtags as possible. Because thanks to them, your super recipe will be easier to find among thousands of others. You should think carefully before entering hashtags. You can also change the pictures that you think are more suitable for a particular network … and so on…

For example, if you choose the “best time planner” then the recommended post times will be displayed on the preview page of your selected social networks. You will see the best timeslot for sending content based on the best recommended times. You can also adjust the publication time yourself or change it manually. Try configuring the feature to republish your articles, or turn on immediate publishing.

In the case, that you decide to republish this or that recipe again, find some bright and attractive images. And the next time you publish the same post, replace its images with new ones. This will give you more options to resubmit your posts at different times and days, updating their appearance each time.

This plugin is really very flexible and has great features for bloggers. You will be able to set all the necessary settings according to your needs in order to achieve your goals in social networks.

12 Tips for Online Social Media Marketing

Our team personally from their experience decided to write some tips that will help you understand how to properly use the Blog2Social plugin for your blogs. It will also give you some idea of the possibilities it will give you. These cool tricks can be very helpful to you.

  1. FOR TWITTER, it automatically adds # hashtags to your keywords.
  2. For Facebook, the ability to add your personal comment to describe your post. It automatically asks people to comment on your post or answer specific questions. This helps to engage the audience and participate in the discussion.
  3. You can customize your Facebook post to make it look more attractive.
  4. For Google + pages, add more text, for example, make the introduction a little longer. In our experience, longer posts work much better on Google. Also hashtags will be automatically added for keywords
  5. For your LinkedIn profile, you can use the same text you use for your Facebook page
  6. For your LinkedIn page, use the same text as on your Google + page
  7. For Instagram add comments or ask your followers to share. Blog2Social converts your post tags into hashtags, keep this in mind.
  8. For Pinterest, we usually just check the pre-filled text and hashtags and leave it.
  9. For Flickr, we also keep the autocomplete text. He usually fits
  10. For Medium, we often republish the same content while making small changes to the titles and the first sentence of the post. It would be best to schedule new posts to be published in 4-5 days so that search engines index your original text first.
  11. Tumblr – We do the same for Medium.
  12. Torial- for this social network we do the same as for Medium

What is the price of Blog2Social.

The cost of this plugin is not big and very reasonable when compared to other plugins for automatic content publishing. The most popular and best-selling is the PRO package. Now there is a very advantageous offer for buying Blog2Social 20% discount. This package includes a lot of features: you can invite up to 5 users per license + add up to five accounts per network. You will also receive Premium support. The price of this package is only 99 euros per year. We believe this is a decent price to pay for such a compelling set of features that other plugins and tools cannot provide.

For example LinksAlpha set a price of $ 8 per month. And it cannot even provide half of these functions. You can check out several of these tools for your blog yourself to see if Blog2Social wins against them.

Blog2Social also has a free version if you’re on a budget. Only you will not have several functions available. For example, the calendar feature for scheduling your posts will not work in the free version. But there are times when a blogger does not need it at all and it is more convenient for him to do it manually by instantly sending his content to social networks.



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