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WordPress Reviews Plugins: Best Options for your website

WordPress Reviews Plugin: Best Options for Installation


Potential customers usually look for reviews before purchasing a product or a service. If the product reviews are positive, people will tend to buy it. This fact prompts many business owners to post a WordPress review plugin on their site. And if you are one of them, you can do it with the WordPress plugin. In this article, we will show you six of our favorite options and how to start using them!


The WordPress Reviews Plugins allows owners and users to write reviews on the WordPress site. If you want people to use or buy your product, the presence of such a plugin is required. Good reviews have proved increased conversions.

Let’s imagine that you are an online book seller. Invite customers to evaluate how convenient it is to buy your goods. New visitors are more likely to trust your site more after viewing these reviews.

Best WordPress Reviews Plugins

1. WP Product Review Lite

Do not let the word “Lite” mislead you. This is a great WordPress review plugin that is supplied completely free. WP Product Review Lite allows you to create a complete rating on your page.

The plugin uses a field of view with a dedicated section for various factors. Pros and cons, evaluations according to certain criteria, product images and the overall assessment have their own space. It is very impressive for a free plugin.

There are many aspects that you can play with, such as changing the color of each criterion. The overall assessment can also be set to the selected color. More importantly, you can configure two options for the purchase button for each product. Converting visitors to buyers has never been easier.

There are also paid versions of this plugin. It costs $ 59 for a personal package and $ 149 for a developer package that can serve up to 3 domains. An agent package worth $ 299 can serve up to 30 domains.

2. WP Review Pro

This WordPress review plugin with price $ 77 is great for demonstrating reviews. Coming from MyThemeShop, WP Review Pro is one of the best options available. It supports 14 kinds of rich fragments for various types of products.

You get 16 predefined templates to choose from. You can change them later in the settings. The plugin is well encoded and safe, so the site productivity will not suffer.


In addition, install a notification panel to advertise sales on your site. It will effectively increase conversion for business. Just make sure that the notification is not too intrusive.

With this plugin, you can easily integrate Google Review, Yelp or Facebook Review to support ratings. In addition, your visitors can comment on the product in the comments section. Developers added this as a way to increase visitor engagement.

Although WP Review Pro is a paid plugin, there is still a free version. Template setting up is limited, and you cannot integrate well-known review sites. You can install the free plugin firstly. If it is no longer unacceptable for you or began to limit – just go to the paid version.

3. WP Customer Reviews

This review plugin collects customer assessments for your product or service. You can still use it for your personal ratings. To easily collect user reviews, you need to have great user experience and aesthetics. Fortunately, WP Customer Review does just that.

First of all, the interface is understandable for ordinary visitors. Secondly, it is quick and easy, so speed is not a problem.

Focusing on user ratings can lead to the fight against spam. Certain visitors (or possibly competitors) may want to leave negative reviews, which will make your site to look worse.

WP Customer Reviews ensures that you have full control over this issue. Each review is filtered through moderation so that you can decide which reviews to show. The plugin uses several measures to protect against spam.

Besides to the above functions, you can also add your own fields and write your answers under user reviews. As far as WP Customer Review is free, it can be a great option for many people.

4. Rich Reviews

Like WP Customer Reviews, Rich Reviews works on displaying the feedback from your users. The difference is that it supports Google fragments. This means that the readability rating of your site in search engines is increasing.

This WordPress review plugin allows visitors to create a review for a specific product, category or your entire page. An excellent moderation system allows owners to decide whether to show the rating.

This plugin is built around developer short codes. You can put your user reviews in the widget anywhere if your theme supports it.

Rich Review is a free version with a minimal review style. In fact, we think it is intended for users who are looking for a simple plugin for WordPress reviews. Fortunately, this one will not slow down your site.

5. Taqyeem

This plugin promises absolute freedom to configure the look of your reviews. An unlimited number of colors and over 500 Google web fonts will make it possible. Moreover, many criteria can be marked with a star, score or percentage.

The developers made the plugin easy to translate. Combined with its strong SEO capabilities, you can maximize visits from specific target countries.

You can also add user reviews to increase the authority of your site. Being able to show the best, recent and random reviews is also useful in preventing visitors from failing.

We are sure that no one wins Taqyeem in the field of prices. Despite the fact, it is a premium plugin, we believe that Taqyeem offers the best price-quality trade-off. Considering the feature set and its excellent reviews on many sites, $ 29 is almost for nothing. It is even provided with 6 months of customer service or 12 months if you pay $ 9 more.

6. Reviewer

Although this WordPress comment plugin was developed by one person, it has a lot to offer. Reviewer focuses on user ratings and provides easy viewing.

The plugin is highlighted by means of allowing users to upload images with their rating. Website owners can also provide verified badges to users. This is a great way to show that you care about the opinions of your visitors.

You can easily configure Reviewer templates in compliance with your site. The template you created, can also be installed by default, so you do not need to edit it for each review. In addition, you can change your ratings from a star to a custom image.

Reviewer costs $ 28 with 6 months of customer support. If you want to extend it to 12 months, you will have to pay an additional $ 8.63.


Different WordPress Reviews Plugins are suitable for different needs. We have brought to your attention those that stand out. You decide which one will work best on your site.

If we had to choose, it would be Taqyeem. It serves both the owner and the user, so you do not have to pay for another plugin. Taqyeem also offers a complete overview package with the best price on the market.


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